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About Paralives

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Paralives is an upcoming single-player life simulation video game, due to be released for Windows and Mac through Steam. Paralives gives you the ability to create "parafolk", build and manage their homes, and explore a open world full of things to do and people to meet.

The game currently does not have an estimated release date, nor an estimate on the price. The game will aim for a "Teen" rating.


Dev Diary: How to Create Furniture from Scratch for Paralives! - Sandrine Bédard-Brisson - 2021/11/11 20:57

Learn how we create furniture for Paralives and how you’ll be able to do it too! 🪑🛠️➡️ Check out this Dev Diary now available to everyone! 🌟...

New Team Members: Welcome Chloé and Sandrine! - Sandrine Bédard-Brisson - 2021/11/03 14:29

We’re very excited to introduce you to 2 new team members: Chloé, our new 3D environment artist, and Sandrine, our new communications director! We’ve been hard at work searching for the best candidate...

Maggie's Halloween Costume - Sandrine Bédard-Brisson - 2021/10/29 19:33

Maggie is all dressed-up for Halloween this year! 🌻 Crows and ravens, beware!...

October 2021 Brainstorming - Sandrine Bédard-Brisson - 2021/10/27 20:38

🧠 It’s time for October’s Brainstorming Session! 🧠This month's theme: Skills and Hobbies 🏀🎨🎸🔭Here are some questions that you can ask yourself:🏸  Which specific skills and hobbies would you like to se...

11 Minutes of House Building Gameplay - Alex Massé - 2021/06/12 17:42

Hi there!We're extremely excited to reveal our first full-length gameplay video where we build a whole house from scratch! We still have a lot of stuff to improve and features to add but I hope you en...

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